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"From the Desk of Dr. J. Wendell Runion"

"Forward In Battle"

"Progressive Liberalism"

   What is a "political progressive"? A person or political group who believes that the further one can take the culture or political party away from the Bible, that is progress. Approximately half of America calls themselves progressives, the other half are considered conservative in their belief. The progressive thinkers have become very militant by trying to shut the mouth of anyone who believes anything that would be logically or scripturally correct. Therefore the burden that is placed upon all of us that believe the right way is very demanding. The responsibility of proclaiming the gospel and the truths of the word of God is ours and ours alone.

   The first act of our President after being sworn into office was the executive order to stop tax funded abortions over seas. The progressive believes that any laws that would legalize abortion is making progress. We know from the word of God that at the moment of conception there is life, therefore anytime that baby is aborted it becomes a murderous act. The progressive also believes that when the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage that was progress. We also know that the Bible teaches according to Romans chapter 1 that God said "he would turn them over to a reprobate mind".

   With this cultural and spiritual war that is going on now, we must at all cost maintain the gospel voice of The King's Radio Network in order to combat these untruths. We cannot take for granted that someone else will accept the command to combat these evil forces. The King's Radio Network is more important in the year 2018 than it was in 1992 when we started. Our voices are becoming fewer and fewer in number, therefore will you please help us fill the void and to keep broadcasting on these airways.

Believing God for a "Faithful 200"

200 Give $200.00

FM Construction Permit Granted

   Praise the Lord we have received the construction permit for the FM broadcast translator/booster station. This is an answer to 25 years of prayer. We are so excited because there are many radio listeners who never change their radio dial from the FM frequency. As soon as construction is complete you will be able to hear The King's Radio at 107.3 on your FM dial broadcasting 250 watts 24 hours a day. This means we should be broadcasting all over Buncombe County reaching well into counties surrounding Buncombe.

   We are marching forward with the gospel of Jesus Christ in this latter day. We should never retreat in His service as we see so many people doing in this day. For 25 years now we have been expanding with the ability to reach more and more people all because of you. Your monetary gifts are what makes this all possible.






















February 2018 Newsletter

2018 Spring Shar-a-thon

February 19th-25th

Theme Song:

"Onward Christian Soldier"

Theme Verse:

 "For ye have not passed this way heretofore." Joshua 3:4b

How Can I Give?

Our Goal:

WKJV-$95,000.00                      WKJW-$20,000.00

$13.80 Mo - 1380 Club

$10.10 Mo - 1010 Club

$20.00 Mo - 240 Club

$25.00 - 1 Hour Sponsor

$52.00 - Widow's Mite

$400.00 - Day Sponsor

$500.00 - Beacon Club

$1000.00 - Lighthouse Club

$4200.00 - 1 Week Sponsor

Give Early! Give Online!

Call Us at (828) 252-1380

All Early gifts will be included in the total 2018 Spring Shar-a-thon Amount.


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