Our Staff

Dr. Richard G. Smith, Station Manager & IBOM President

Dr. Smith traveled to the Middle East the first time as a tourist and to preach in a Bible conference. After the next trip he became burdened for the Arabic speaking people. He saw a hunger for the things of God among a neglected people.

After 17 years as a pastor and Bible College teacher he resigned those duties and entered full time mission work with IBOM. His field of service is white unto harvest and the desire to go and help start churches is his burden.

Dr. Smith served as Dr. Runion's Vice President until April 7, 2018 when Dr. Runion went home to be with the Lord. He lives in Georgia and is continuing the work both here at the station and thru IBOM. His wife is named Teresa and they have three daughters and several grandchildren.

Ron Gaddy, Production Manager and Morning Announcer

Born and raised in Marion, NC, it had always been the dream of Ron Gaddy to be either a radio announcer or a TV anchorman. My, My... doesn't he have the face for radio. He was saved in 1972. Bro. Ron's dream came true when in 1986 he was hired for his very first professional radio job. WRAQ was the station and at the time, he began working part time. Over the years, Bro. Ron has worked for several radio stations and has even had experience in Christian TV operating cameras, setting up screens, etc.

In 1996, Ron Gaddy joined the broadcast team of WKJV AM 1380, where he was hired as the evening announcer. A few years later, seeing as Bro. Ron gets up early enough to wake up the chickens, he became the morning announcer at WKJV and since then he has enjoyed radio like never before. As a matter of fact, Bro. Ron eats, sleeps, and dreams radio! (What time he doesn't have a box of doughnuts beside the microphone, of course.)

If it's not enough to have "Oscar the Rooster" or "Sammy the Seal" standing by his side, a pig by the name of "Wilbur" roots its way through the program. Bro. Ron was asked one day, "What is your main goal in radio?" He replied, "I want to get people laughing so hard in the morning that they spill their coffee on themselves while going out the door on their way to work." On any day you just might happen to walk into the studios of WKJV, take a few steps into the control room and find Ron playing the classic song "I Wanna Know" by Hovie Lister and The Statesmen Quartet while he has his mouth full with a doughnut and pork skins accompanied by a cup of coffee...What a combination, Ron and radio!!

Vikkie Metcalf, Radio Secretary and Traffic Manager

Vikkie was born in Buncombe County NC. She graduated from Charles D Owen High School in Swannanoa, NC in 1978. She married Marty Metcalf in July of 1982 and they have one daughter Maranda who lives in Asheville, NC. She was saved at the age of 30 in her home when Preacher Runion and 2 other men from Asheville Baptist Tabernacle came to talk to her and Marty. She is the glue for the shar-a-thon construction. She's the first office person to come in and the last one to leave and even though some days seem longer than others she's also willing to take a minute and talk to those that come in even though she may have a lot to get done.

Vickie Ann Hollifield, Missions Secretary

Vickie Ann, as she's called at the station, is the newest addition to the King's Radio Staff. She has had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home with her dad Rev. Jim Hollifield and her mom Debbie. She was blessed to grow up with many members of her family who made serving the Lord a priority including a grandfather who was a Deacon and also worked with Hearts With Hands until he died and several uncles and cousins who are preachers and pastors.

She currently calls Mars Hill home with her parents. She was saved at the age of 6 on April 1, 1995 in a revival that Bro. Lee Davis was preaching up at Coles Cove Baptist Church in Weaverville. Up until October of 2015 she struggled with some doubts because she couldn't remember as much as she heard other people testify to. On October 8, 2015 sitting in a revival service at Coles Cove Baptist Church and after repeated prayers for the Lord to let the memory come back to her in full her doubt went away. Sitting on the back row it was like the Lord came through and said here and just turned on a video before her eyes. She still can't tell you exactly what Bro. Lee preached the night she was saved and she can't tell you about any songs that were sung but everything else about that night including how she felt before and after the Lord saved her.

Even though she was saved at a young age that doesn't mean she's lived a perfect or sinless life. In her late teens and early twenties she choose to run from what she grew up knowing was right. As the scripture says in James 4:17 "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin." Vickie Ann had been raised right but she still chose to try and live however. She finally got grounded and dedicated to the Lord and serving Him in 2009 when she came home to Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church. She may not have come back home to Oak Grove had it not been for a loving Pastor who continued to check up on her even after she had left the church so to all you Men of God keep asking because you never know what effect just your concern will have.

Jay Michael Sumner, Announcer

Bro. Jay Michael has been with the station again since October of 2016. It's not the first time he's been a part of the King's Radio staff. He is normally on Wednesdays and Fridays from 3 PM to 6 PM. When he and Bro. Ron are here together you can normally here a lot of laughing and joking between them. Like Bro. Ron he wants to make everyone smile and at the end of a long day what could be better. He may not have the animals but he knows how to make radio fun and most people say he has a true radio voice that can make you forget about everything else for a little while. Many of you have called and said you are happy to hear him back on air and we love having him here too. Before coming back to The King's Radio Network Jay worked for A-B Tech as a teacher until he retired. Bro. Jay had worked as an announcer for 1380 AM before he went to teaching.

Gene West, Announcer

Bro. Gene was saved in January of 1970 at Fairfield Baptist Church under pastor Billy Joe MacMahan. It was a soul winning church that went door to door on Thursday nights. He moved back to Canton North Carolina where he started attending Thickety Baptist Church. He announced his calling to preach in August of 1970. He began preaching every chance he got. He met Henry Earl Goddfrey who asked him to come to Faith Baptist Church in Waynesville to work with the youth. During his time there he saw growth and several souls saved.  He met his wife Debra in 1972. From there they settled into Coles Cove Baptist Church in Weaverville when he was called to pastor at Faith Baptist Church on Reems Creek Rd. He came to work at WKJV originally in 1998 and was with the station till 2005. Then he rejoined the staff in 2016.

Johnny Wright, Announcer

Bro. Johnny is one of the announcers that we depend on for the weekends especially with our live Sunday programs. He is also one of our major helps during Shar-a-thon throughout the week and especially on Saturdays when Bro. Ron and Bro. Jay are on the anchor desk. He may be short in stature but his personality is huge. He's a big jokester and has a way of reminding the office that laughing is a good medicine when taken at stressful times. He's originally out of Swannanoa Heights Baptist Church and is now currently a member of Temple Baptist Church here is Asheville.

Dave Wall, Chief Engineer

Dave was born in Knoxville, TN in 1944. His family moved back to San Angelo, Texas when he was a year old. At 11 years of age his family moved to Greenville, SC so that he and his brother could go to Bob Jones. He started the Academy in the 7th grade and graduated in 1963.  He went on to the University with Broadcast Engineering as his major.

His understudy work included Radio/TV production-Audio recording, processing and production-doing live on-air operations-working for local radio/TV stations in the technical areas-even running night time on-air productions for a local FM station from dark to sign off (12 midnight).

He graduated from Bob Jones University in 1967 with a Bachelors of Science in Broadcast Engineering. He went to work for IBM in the computer maintenance area and was moved to Asheville, NC to work in WNC that summer. He stayed with IBM until 1981 as senior systems engineer in large computer systems. He left IBM and went to work with a local electricmotor manufacturer as systems maintainence engineer on CNC and automotion equipment (including robotics and production equipment). He left that work in 1985 to work with a fellow electornics engineer to maintain automotion equipment in the Eastern US from Missouri to New England.

In 2003, God opened an opportunity to allow hime to get back into broadcasting. That opportunity allowed him to meet Dr. Runion and start working with IBOM and WKJV/WKJW.

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